Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Installing MacBook Pro 15″ Hard Drive Replacement.pdf

Step 1 – Battery
Use your fingers to push both battery release tabs away from the battery, and lift the battery out of the computer.
Step 2 – RAM Shield
Remove the three identical Phillips screws from the memory door.
Step 3 – Lift the memory door up enough to get a grip on it, and slide it toward you, pulling it away from the casing.
Step 4 – Upper Case
Remove the two Phillips screws in the battery compartment near the latch.
Step 5 – Remove the following 6 screws: Two 10 mm T6 Torx screws on either side of the RAM slot. Four 14.5 mm Phillips screws along the hinge.
Step 6 – Remove the four Phillips screws on the port side of the computer.
Step 7 – Rotate the computer 90 degrees and remove the two Phillips screws from the rear of the computer.

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