Thursday, September 30, 2010

PS3-S201 Play PlayStation ® 3 on a DVI Monitor / LCD TV User Manual

Play PS3 in DVI monitor is not a dream anymore! GAMESWITCH make it a reality. This allows you to play PS3 on regular DVI monitor, plus a switching function, you can play PS3 or operate * PC on the same monitor. Furthermore, you do not need to connect PS3 to your TV and displays the most expensive LCD in 1080i, you can play through the DVI monitor and achieve 1080p / 7 0p resolution to enjoy multimedia professional game. If you are still using traditional TV (480i resolution), GAMESWITCH is your biggest choice, by adding a DVI monitor, you can use the most economical way to enjoy high-quality game. Now enjoy PS3 not only in the living room, but also besides your PC!



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