Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SAP SilkPerformer tutorial ebook.pdf

SilkPerformer offers recording and replay support for load testing and functional testing of SAP ® systems that use the SAPGUI Scripting interface. SilkPerformer's unique content verification feature enables you to verify application functionality even under real world load conditions-and thereby intercept application errors that occur only under load. Test scripts created for functional testing can be reused for load testing purposes, without requiring changes. Together with the tremendous support for load testing Web applications, SilkPerformer supports functional viral and SAP R / 3 4.6C, Enterprise SAP R / 3 (4.7), and mySAP Business Suite (and higher) via SAPGUI Client 6.2 ( and higher) for Windows and HTML, as well as with mySAP Enterprise Portal.



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