Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nokia Booklet 3G user manual

After he became a rumor, Nokia finally officially announced the results of mini-laptops of their own concoction, which is Nokia Booklet 3G. During this time, we know that the Finnish company as a company known for their mobile devices. In Indonesia alone, the output of your Nokia mobile phone mobile products are always in demand in the market. Nokia's decision to create a product that is different from that so far they are considered to be marketed too surprising, especially after Nokia announced a deal with Intel a few months ago.

Booklet 3G will be equipped with a 10.1-inch screen with HD capability. This mini laptop has a thickness of 9.19 mm with a weight kg 1:25. There is a 3G technology in a series of Nokia phones are also present in this mini laptop. If users will not want to use the SIM card to access the Internet, they can use WiFi, which is also included in Booklet 3G. GPS features here as well. In addition, this mini laptop is claimed to be able to survive for 12 hours using only the battery. HDMI port, SD Card Reader, Bluetooth, and webcam also present to complement the 3G Booklet. You can download Nokia manual.pdf Booklet 3G users on the link below to learn more about the features possessed by 3G Nokia Booklet .



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