Thursday, September 30, 2010

Panasonic DMC FZ35 basic operating instruction

Panasonic DMC FZ35 has a variety of useful exposure modes - Auto, Program AE, aperture and shutter priority and manual - plus scene modes battery for an adventure photographer without the skills to drive the camera in 'manual'. Metering options for both stills and movies including multi zone, center-average and spot readings. Of course having facial recognition can also recognize faces and registered from the previous shot, so the focus and exposure are optimized. A plus is the ability of the Panasonic DMC FZ35 to shoot the film with manually adjustable aperture or shutter speed and color effects - B & W, sepia, cool or warm a rendering - as well as the shooting mode. My advice is to use carefully and try to shoot away from the shot using the effect to consist of the entire sequence - and not shoot the occasional random shot. You can read more than the Panasonic DMC FZ35 basic operating instructions on the link below.



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