Saturday, October 9, 2010

2002 BMW 520i Owner Manual – Maintenance and Minor Repair Guide Ebook

BMW 520i in 2002 supported by the 2.2 L M54B22 I6, produces 169.3 PS (167.0 bhp) (124.5 kW) power at 6100 rpm and 210.0 Nm (155 ft · lb) (21.4 kgm) torque at 3500 rpm. It is a DOHC 24-valve engine, originally introduced with VANOS Variable Valve Timing.

The next owner's manual, maintenance and repair of small guide applies to the BMW 520i in 2002. This guide contains the following sections:

At first glance, this section includes: the drive, the instrument panel, indicators and warning lights, steering wheel with multifunction buttons, warning triangle, fuel injection, fuel grade, tire pressure.
Controls, included in this section: lock, central locking system, door, alarm system, electric windows, sliding / tilt sunroof, seats and mechanical adjustments, mirrors, air bags, hand brake, ignition switch, automatic transmission with STEPTRONIC, wipers and sensors rain, cruise control system, service interval indicator, etc.
Operation and Maintenance, this section describes the detailed information on: prevention of driving, wheels and tires, engine compartment, the BMW Maintenance System, etc.
Minor repairs, including in this section: replace components, toolkits, wiper blades, lights and lamps, wheel changes, batteries, fuses, mobile services, tow-started.
Data, this section contains information on: engine data, fuel consumption, emissions of carbon dioxide, dimensions, weight, performance, filling capacity.

Maybe you need the 2002 BMW 520i Owners Manual - Maintenance and Minor Repair Guide Ebook on the link below for that.

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