Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nikon F60 Instruction Manual

In summary, the basic SLR Nikon F60 is well-made, suitable for beginners, amateurs, and those who want a second SLR body Nikon for their other toys bigger! It is not intended for professionals, judging from the lack of features of more advanced (eg, DOF, spot metering, multi-focus points), but it was not meant to be. For those who complain about it less features, they have already bought other models further. Do not knock it! This is supposed to be a beginner / amateur auto-focus SLR that takes great pictures with minimal fuss, and is the perfect introduction to the Nikon lens system - and it's completely NOT THE JOB! Files from Nikon F60 Instruction Manual ebook you can download from the link below.

download :


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