Saturday, October 9, 2010

BMW E38 Steering Angle Sensor Manual Ebook

The steering-angle sensor has two potentiometers offset by 90°. The steering-wheel angle determined by these two potentiometers covers one full steering-wheel turn; each of these values is repeated after +/- 180°. The steering angle sensor knows this and counts the steering-wheel revolutions accordingly. The overall steering wheel angle is thus made up of the current steering wheel angle together with the number of steering wheel rotations. In order that the overall steering wheel angle is available at any time, uninterrupted detection of all steering wheel movements – even when the vehicle is stationary – is required. In order to achieve this, the steering angle sensor is permanently supplied with power from Terminal 30.This means that steeringwheel movements are also detected with ”ignition off”. Find more detail of BMW E38 Steering Angle Sensor Manual Ebook at link below.

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