Saturday, October 9, 2010

All Mobile Phone Tricks Ebook

New Tricks & Special Secret Code for Mobile / Cell Phone, Special Secret * & * Code for Cell Phone, hope you enjoy, Nokia Secrets (probably works on all models), Check the IMEI * # 06 # Check software version * # 8110 # , Sim Clock Stop * # 746025625 # Warranty menu * # 92702689 #, Press the following warranty code 6232 (OK) Displays the Month and Year of Manufacture, 7332 (OK) Displays the date of last repair 7832 (OK), displays the date where the phone was bought 9268 (OK) Displays Serial Number 37 832 (OK) Set the Purchasing, Date MMYY 87267 (OK) Transfers ALL phone numbers, pictures, sounds from one phone to another Hands Free, and more code that you did not know before. Here's the download link is provided below for All Mobile Phone Trick Ebook.




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