Saturday, October 9, 2010

Adobe Illustrator CS2 Workshop Manual ebook

Tutorial Adobe photoshop CS2, you can use the File> Document Setup window to change the size (pixels, mm, inches) used for the print area (called the Artboard in Illustrator), image size, and printing orientation and other settings. Toolbar in Illustrator is very similar to those in Photoshop with a lot of the same instrument. Overview of the more common tools and their functions in the help menu. (Press F1 for more information). You can add an object into an Illustrator image by selecting a shape from the toolbar, press the mouse button and drag the mouse until you have an object size that fits on the Artboard. This object can be easily resized and re-colored using the tool near the bottom of the toolbar. In Illustrator, 2 means stroke color ("picture frame" or dark colors here) that determines the color that will be used to outline the object and fill, the color that will fill the interior of the object. Here's the download link is available below for Adobe Illustrator CS2 Workshop Manual eBook.

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