Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hi-Fi PreAmplifier With Remote Control Schematic Diagram Ebook

QUASAR ELECTRONICS KIT No. 1070, the circuit we will go with all these problems because the electronic control is simulated in the IC itself, without having to take the signal through a potentiometer. Integrated circuit includes a VOLUME, BALANCE, BASS and TREBLE controls and only need to apply an external DC voltage suitable to operate it. This is an array of truly impressive specification that is added to the DC control features, the number to match the device that is very attractive for use as the heart of modern hi-fi preamplifier. As you can see from the specifications, the circuit is truly meant to be a control unit for the preamplifier, leaving the option open input for the constructor's needs. The use of circuit board that is well designed printed very desirable because of the speed of construction until sufficient and reduce the risk of error. Quasar Electronics Kit boards also come pre-drilled and with the outline of the components and their identification printed on the component side to make construction easier. Files from the preamplifier Hi-Fi With Remote Control Schematic Diagram Ebook you can download from the link below.

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