Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nikon SB 800 AF Speedlight User Manual Ebook

The Nikon SB-800 AF was announced 22 July 2003. It was Nikon’s best flash until the complex SB-900 arrived in 2008. The SB-800 works with every Nikon camera made for the past 40 years. It’s the only flash, along with the almost identical SB-600, that works properly with the D70 and the new i-TTL exposure system. The SB-800 flash includes colored filters to match tungsten and fluorescent light. This is very important for use indoors. Currently I Velcro gels to my SB-28DX to match the ambient light. Most people are not familiar with this trick. This is an important feature since you need to match the flash to the ambient light for fill. If you already know how to gel your flash it’s no big deal, but for most people this will be a big help. For my current flash I go to a theatrical lighting supply store to buy filter material made by people like Rosco in huge sheets for $5 each and Velcro it to my flash. Find more detail of Nikon SB 800 AF Speedlight User Manual Ebook at link below.

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