Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nikon D5000 User Guide Manual Ebook

On the surface, the arrival of D5000 was only a matter of time. According to figures released from Nikon, sales of entry-level D40, D40X, and D60 cameras account for about 80 percent of all sales of Nikon DSLR. No wonder that the Nikon so want to take high-resolution sensors and the new video mode of the D90 their middle class and put it into a lower-priced entry-level DSLR Nikon D5000 new. D5000 has the same 12.9 megapixel (12.3 million effective pixels) APS-C (or DX format in Nikon nomenclature) sensor and Nikon's latest generation EXPEED processor found in this D90. It also inherited the 11 point AF system with color and distance tracking, and gridlines of the D90 viewfinder is optional. Magnification viewfinder is slightly smaller than that in D40X/D60, but the additional AF points and gridlines viewfinder makes for a superior user experience. For Nikon D5000 User Guide Manual Ebook can be downloaded at the link below.

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