Saturday, October 9, 2010

Honda AVR Generator EP2500 CX manual Ebook

Today’s sophisticated electronic appliances need an equally sophisticated generator, one with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR). AVR ensures you get a smooth delivery of power without spiking, lowering your chances of a blown computer, TV or Hi-Fi. Many appliances already on the market, and those to come, regard AVR generators as a necessity to protect your equipment from power surges. If you run sensitive electronic equipment off a generator, you can’t afford not to use a Honda

-Large capacity Muffler

-Low noise and low vibration, top-level fuel efficiency.

-Voltmeter and Backlight : The Voltmeter allows you to measure the high output performance of the generator. The Backlight voltmeter allows you to check the generator output even in the dark.

-Fuel Gauge and Oil Alert : Oil alert system stops the engine automatically when oil level is too low. Large fuel gauge allows you to check fuel level at a glance

-Air Cleaner : Large-size aircleaner ensures excellent air intake efficiency for optimum engine power output.

-Protective Frame : Sturdy frame with upper guard pipes protects the machine, while making it easier to transport

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