Friday, October 1, 2010

ASUS WL-520g user guide

ASUS proudly announce the smartest WLAN Router in the world, WL-520g. It provides fast 54 Mbps date rate and all WLAN Router function, including DHCP server, IP sharing, Firewall, VPN pass through, esc. To ensure WLAN security, also provides strong WPA and unique WLAN firewall, to protect data from WLAN. Smart and revolutionary solution also incorporated convenient plug-and function-shares via USB 1.1 interface. It also provides powerful WDS function, easily allowing the user to setup WLAN environment in home, SOHO and office. For those of you who a technision network, I have recommended these gadgets for your customers to use. And please read the user manual download ASUS WL-520g on the link below.



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