Saturday, October 2, 2010

Belkin Router AWGR54 user manual

Belkin AWGR54 is a great router for a very good price after rebate. Router hooks and pops and my computer is connected to the right. The only tricky part is encrypted and is very easy to do if you use the included software. The range of both in an old house that has two stories and thick plaster walls. I get a very good signal throughout the house.

Belkin AWGR54 made for office depot rebate office depot but it was very cheap. I believe the router has a range of settings boast that I do not use today. Router connected to my dsl modem and no lock or exit from time to time. It is at all times. Third hook my computer immediately and no drop outs. Read with a Belkin user manual AWGR54 of the links below.



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