Thursday, October 7, 2010

Canon BJC 4200 User Manual Ebook

Canon BJC-4200 Color Bubble Jet Printer is designed with the latest technology to provide trouble-free operation. Warranty information on the back of this manual describes Canon's limited one-year warranty for the company's Bubble Jet printers. Be sure to read the warranty information to find out about the different service options available to you. If you feel your BJC-4200 Color Bubble Jet Printer needs servicing, contact Canon on the World Wide Web to find a Canon Authorized Service Facility (ASF) nearest you or to find out about the exclusive Canon InstantExchange assurance program. If you do not have access to the Web, you may contact our Customer Care Center. Before you can use any type of printer with your computer, you must install the printer driver. The printer driver tells the computer what printer you use. The printer driver also controls the various settings, such as print quality and paper type. You define these settings in the printer driver, and then communicate with the printer driver settings for both computer and printer. You must install the BJ Printer Driver before you can use the BJC-4200 with your computer. See your Canon BJC 4200 User Manual Ebook for instructions on the link below.

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