Saturday, October 2, 2010

Driving Force Pro quick start guide

Using the Driving Force Pro will not magically make you a better driver. I've been almost a month and I still do not match my Dualshock times. But it's definitely heckuva lot more fun than using a joypad. And I can not help thinking that used by Prolog will enhance my ability as a real driver for when I get an SCCA license. Having wheels Pro is like having a arcade machine in your living room for any racing game you have, and renew the experience for each of them. And considering how many places you can dump into the arcade machine without thinking twice, this steering wheel definitely worth the price of admission. It's just too bad that the only game that fully supports all its features will not be out for 6 months. If you are thinking about buying a wheel, buy this one, and then do yourself a favor by importing GT4 Prologue. Download the Driving Force Pro is a brief guide on the link below.



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