Sunday, October 3, 2010

HP MediaSmart Server EX490 user manual ebook

Automatically back up and protect your digital media with the MediaSmart Server EX490 us. It also lets you centralize the media from multiple computers to share with friends and family.
Easy automated backup

* Automatically manage daily backups, media collections, and power management, all behind the scenes.
* Automatically back to multiple computers, whether running Windows (via Microsoft's Windows Home Server Backup) or Mac (via Apple's Time Machine)
* Easy to take digital music, photos, and videos, they never lose
* Expand the internal capacity through the tool-free bay: add SATA I or II disk drives; extend externally through 4 USB and eSATA ports fast

Maybe you need the HP EX490 MediaSmart Server ebook user manual on the link below for that.



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