Saturday, October 2, 2010

HP Photosmart A526 user guide

HP Photosmart A526 is an entry-level model in the company's new line of snapshot printers. As we love the Photosmart A826, we look forward to this one, because we think it's a scaled-down version of the printer. Unfortunately, HP scaled back too far and the price is $ 100 too high, the printer offers less functionality than the competition at the same price. It's also slower and produces lower quality photos than the Canon Selphy CP740. It is clear that HP intends this for "light" users who only want to print a photo without enhancing it, but it is hard to recommend since the Photosmart A526 printer offers more for the same price, which gives users more choices. Link below is the HP Photosmart A526 user guide for you.



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