Friday, October 1, 2010

HTC AMADEUS service manual

HTC Amadeus Service Guide is maintenance tips and instruction manuals to maintain the reference owner, demolition and serve HTC Amadeus. It provides comprehensive information on identifying features of the HTC Amadeus, components and spare parts printers and printer troubleshooting procedures for the demolition.

Table contents HTC Amadeus Service Manual

* Introduction
* Product Specification
* Servicing Tools
* Assembling and Removing
Dismantling Assembling ~ ~ ~ MB Pre-Assembling LCD Pre-Assembly
* Diagnostic Program
Product List Test (Diagnostics on SD card) ~ ~ Test Procedure Test Procedure and Description
* Measurement of Leakage current MB
Measurement of leakage current by ~ Battery Capacity Test Fixture
* Software Upgrade Procedure
Software upgrades ~ ~ Smartphone Software Reset Backup to SD card

For more detail HTC Amadeus service manual, you can download the download link below I have prepared.



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