Friday, October 1, 2010

IPadSX Controller user guide

IPadSX Controller is the latest in a series of controllers, video iPad kitchen offers an economical solution with greater processing speed, flexible configuration, the software is available with a simple operation, fast & reliable installation, plus maintenance free, all integrated in the design of simplified KDS. This compact unit is simple to install with no internal jumpers or settings. Just use the configuration menu, select the vendor of your choice KDS built-in software application, then plug in a VGA monitor, power cable, RS232C or Ethernet link, and your hardware and running. Connect as many IPadSX units required for your Ethernet network. A lump 9 × 2 bars integrated into IPadSX right.

You obviously will be amazed by all of the performance of this gadget. You can buy this motherboard in a computer store and most complete in the city nearest you. If you are interested to have may be useful if you download the user guide IPadSX Controller on the link below.



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